"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious who you are"

 “Yoga alters not just your attitude to your body, but also your attitude towards life.”


Literally translated: “Connection, Fusion, Coalescence.”


Yoga has its roots in India and can be regarded as the oldest science.


The main aspects of Yoga are:

  • Posture (Asanas)
  • Breath (Pranayama)
  • Focus (Meditation)
  • Relaxation 


Through the practice of the postures we gain greater flexibility and mobility in muscles, tendons, joints and spine. The accompanying deep, calm and regular breathing relaxes the spirit and calms the nervous system. Regular yoga practice gives us a profound sense of harmony and helps us to resonate again in a holistic way with ourselves and the world around us.


Yoga helps us to maintain good health and improves our resistance to disease by supporting us in finding an inner place of peace and calm in our demanding, fast-paced and hectic daily lives. It nourishes body and mind and brings a deep sense of well-being. 


 YOGA just for YOU


“Yoga adapts to the person, not the person to yoga.”


The chance to…


  • Discover yoga
  • Tailor your practice to meeting your special needs and personal conditions
  • Deepen your present experience of Yoga


Yoga allows body, spirit and breath to work together harmoniously, with the result that you have a more resilient body, a flexible, peaceful and joyful soul.


Yoga instruction does not always have to take place in a group situation. Increasingly more people are opting for one-to-one sessions that allow for the practice to be tailored to their specific needs. Everybody has their own background, needs and potential, whether that be because of physical complaints (neck, scoliosis, slipped disc), pregnancy or simply a desire to learn about or deepen their understanding of yoga. An individual practice programme with clear instructions and personal adjustments makes your own yoga practice more enjoyable and beneficial to you. One-to-one instruction in a pleasant atmosphere enhances your own development of new impulses that are very personal to you.





Vinyasa/Prana Flow Yoga

Different Asanas (body exercises) are connected into a dynamic movement sequence. These flowing, partly dance alike sequences are followed by the flow of breath and will be attended by music. This style of yoga becomes a very particular experience through focusing on single chakras and the relative element (earth, water, fire, air).


Yin Yoga

It´s a gentle form of yoga, without activating the muscles and just using gravity. This style of yoga has a very healing effect on the deep tissues/fascia through holding the postures for about 3-5min. During this time period you are able to surrender, fully relax and let go on the physical, mental and emotional level.


Hatha Yoga

The word Hatha consists of two parts: Ha, signifies sun/activity, and tha signifies moon/passivity. Hatha Yoga is about balancing these two opposites. It first activates the body through different Asanas (body exercises) to then lead to inner balance and deep relaxation. In combination with breathing exercises the mind can calm down and a meditative state takes place.



Pregnancy Yoga

The pregnancy is an ideal time to begin with yoga. To really enjoy and consciously experience the changes during pregnancy, yoga supports and improves ones body perception, conscious breathing and relaxation. It strengthens the relationship between mother and baby. Body and breathing exercises are especially applied to prepare for birth.