Women´s Circles

"Together We are a multitude of flowers in the same garden"

Women’s circles are an ancient ritual from matriarchal cultures. We still find remainders of these cultures in some Arabic countries where getting together as women is a cornerstone of societal convention. These ancient cultures had a natural knowledge of the nature of women, who they were and what their tasks in their small societies are. They had great respect for their own role as women and therefore placed importance on supporting and empowering each other as well as on guiding young girls on their journey into womanhood.


Women’s circles are retreats that women seek to find back to themselves and to strengthen connect with their essential feminine energies.


In women’s circles we cultivate sisterhood, connection, compassion, and solidarity. We recognise that as women we are all part of a collective history, that we all carry the same legacy, know the same pain-body and longings and have the same feminine potential waiting to fully blossom. Together we create a transformative healing space in which each woman is free from comparison, and able to experience nurturance, being held, seen, heard and understood. We create a space where we mirror each other, celebrate and strengthen each other, drop our masks and show the beauty of our authentic beings. In all our radiance, our pains, our passions and our vulnerability. Through different elements, such as conscious meeting, touch, inner expression through dance and voice, sharing and much more we experience deep personal and collective healing and an appreciation for being women.


"Beauty starts in the moment when you decide to be completely yourself"