Experience Reports



Thank you Amayah, for your gentle an caring attention to my complaints. You are a true professional, sensitive, attentive and highly professional in your approach. As for the Bowen therapy - well, I was truely surprised at how powerful a few gentle movements can be in shifting the energies around, whether physical or emotional.


Dear Amayah, I´m very thankful for  experiencing the yoga class with you. Your energy is so peaceful, calming and bright. I felt safe and could surrender myself completely to that present moments. Thank you <3

Barbara T.


I have known Amayah as a Yoga Teacher since autumn 2013. Sessions with her are always very relaxing and beneficial. In Spring 2014 I was having intermittent pain in my lower abdomen. Friends who had been treated by her suggested that I try Bowen Therapy. What was particularly nice was the time that she´s spent during the first consultation talking with me. I also found the questions that she asked very interesting. From the outset I found the treatment, which consisted of various manipulations interspersed with Sound therapy, was both pleasant and relaxing. My symptoms improved with every treatment, and at times were even totally relieved. For me, a bonus was that she managed to help control my menopause symptoms. I now have almost no complaints. Simone’s treatments are good, not only for the body but also for the soul. More than anything, they represent ‘time out’ for me. I don’t have to do anything – good is done to me!

After the last session I was almost sad that I had no more complaints.

Thank you, Amayah.


Angelika E.


‘Burnout’. Many cannot stand the sound of the word. I especially. The second time I slipped into burnout, both my body and my soul became totally derailed. Night after night all my limbs twitched, sleeplessness pitched me into depression, my body ached, lethargy and exhaustion became my daily companions and ultimately left me unemployed. It was clear that I needed something in addition to the conventional medical treatment that I was having - something that would help my spirit as well as my body.


I heard about Bowen from a cousin whose migraines had been relieved by the technique. Curious, I started looking around for a practitioner in Innsbruck and found Amayah. This was the best thing that could have happened to me. I can’t explain the technique. I am simply grateful for what Amayah can achieve with it.


The manipulations relieved my physical pains. Amayah´s intuition and empathy helped to dissolve the blockages in my spirit and restore wellbeing. I find myself regarding my burnout differently. Things feel lighter, energy blockages are disappearing, I’m thinking more positively. The alternating manipulations and lingering vibrations of the singing bowls, Amayah´s touch and energy, the talking – in which she so receptive – it all so holistic, so coherent, and it just does you good.

Thank you, Amayah.

S. B., 28 years


I was suffering from increasingly intense headaches and tension in my shoulder/neck regions after an accident in which I had been concussed and suffered cervical misalignment. I had had contact with Amayah through Yoga classes and that is how I learnt about Bowen. After just three treatments my head symptoms had almost completely disappeared!

The technique uses very gentle manipulations and offers an hour’s total relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere. The pauses between manipulations invite you to take note of the effects of each one. A particularly positive observation that I made was the holistic nature of the treatment – the whole body is treated each time – leaving you with a very pleasant feeling. I wholeheartedly recommend Bowen Therapy, because it has truly given me long-term help.

Many thanks, dear Amayah.

T.P., 24 years


I have been suffering with scoliosis for the last ten years. My pains and tensions are concentrated in the neck and shoulder regions and resulted in migraines that are worse during stormy weather. Without exaggeration, Bowen has changed my life. I am much better at handing life’s daily stress thanks to a more positive attitude – something that has been released through the Bowen Therapy. When I have acute episodes Amayah will target the specific area. Every meeting is individual, adapted to my particular condition and a special experience. I am very grateful to know Amayah and to be treated by her.

M.S., 40 years


I had reached the end of what conventional medicine could offer me after three slipped disc incidents and with some marked stomach symptoms, so I started looking for a holistic alternative to classical physiotherapy.

The manner of touch used in Bowen was strange to me at first and is unique. All the same, after every treatment my body threw up seemingly unrelated reactions as various weak areas righted themselves. The pains in my neck were likewise positively affected, as was my immune system. Soon other weaknesses that were linked to my stomach complaints were tackled, as were other sufferings, and even these miraculously got better.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone who is on the search for holistic treatment, and for a treatment that does not end at the end of the session, but that sets up a process of self healing and accelerates and regenerates the body’s processes.